Data Storage and Recovery

Data Storage and Recovery is responsible for providing mainframe services, Z/VM services, data protection services for the mainfarame and open systems environments, service desk administration, administration of our businiess continuity and disaster recovery planning system(LDRPS/BIA), and the management of several terabytes of data on multiple enterprise class storage subsystems.

Currently, our SAN environment includes one storage subsystem for mainframe data, 2 storage subsystems for open systems data, one virtual tape library attached to the mainframe, and two storage subsystems dedicated to our virtual tape library in which backups for servers and work stations are stored. Also, the data on each storage subsystem is replicted to our disaster recovery site.

Some of the primary responsiblities of the data storage and recovery team include:

  • Installation and maintenance of the Z/OS operating system
  • Installation and maintenance of several 3rd party products
  • Allocation and maintenance of mainframe storage
  • Backup of mainframe storage to a virtual tape library
  • replication of mainframe data to our disaster recovery site
  • Server virtualization for applications that can run under Linux
  • Allocation of SAN storage
  • Replication of SAN storage to our disaster recovery site
  • Backup of servers and a limited number of workstations
  • Recovery of servers and workstations
  • Administration and maintenance of LDRPS
  • Footprints service desk administration and maintenance