The Progressive Software Development(PSD) falls under the Programming Support Bureau. PSD is a comprehensive team that specializes in software development to new systems and provides maintenance to our existing systems. We take pride in the fact that the PSD team is in the forefront of experimenting with new programming languages and taking on new challenges. The PSD team is currently supporting or developing the following systems:

  • Human Capital Management (HCS)
  • Traffic Monitoring System (TMS)
  • Document Management (DM)
  • Maintenance and Multi-Modal System Support (MMSS)

The Human Capital Management System(HCM) is an in-house developed personnel system that provides all the necessary functions to maintain data on all employees and positions in the following areas: Position Management, Employee Management, Appointment Management, Training Management, Recruiting Management, Risk Management, and Compliance Management. HCM is a Visual Basic Windows application that uses SQL Server as its database and Reporting Services for creating reports and documents. Currently, HCM interfaces with GHRS, Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, and the Department of Public Safety; however, it could interface with other agencies in the future.

The Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) is an essential software application used by the Traffic Monitoring section of the Transportation Planning Bureau. The TMS provides features to analyze, edit, reformat, forward to FHWA and report on traffic data collected from the ALDOT permanent Automated Traffic Recorder (ATR) sites throughout the state. The TMS is a Visual Studio Windows Application coded in vb.NET. It uses ORACLE as its database and SQL Server Reporting Services for all reports and documents. The TMS data is also used by a GIS application that provides support for hurricane evacuation purposes.

Document Management (DM) houses archived documents from Highway and Bridge projects dating back to 1917 and as recent as current DOT project lettings. Daily operational docs are also archived by several bureaus. Our eDOCS DM repository houses documents from several Bureaus including ROW, Plans and Proposals, Bridge, Chief Engineers, Computer Services, Maintenance and Office Engineer. Our Falcon DM repository houses docs from Design’s Contract Management and there are plans to expand with Storm Water and other Design sections.

Both systems have web based and client based access to their docs. The majority of our users are web based and can search for, retrieve and print docs as needed. Many of the documents as well as their associated metadata are content searchable.

To request access to the DM repositories, please print the Document Management Access Request form and forward to Mike Wilson in Plans and Proposals - (334)353-6921.


The Maintenance and Multi-Modal Systems Support (MMSS) provides maintenance and programming support to systems in MultiModal and the Maintenance Bureau. These systems are:

  • Railroad Inventory – The Railroad Inventory System is an Access database and GIS system used to maintain the railroad crossing inventory for reporting to the Federal Railroad Administration. 

  • Railroad Construction – The new Railroad Construction System is used to monitor the railroad crossings affected during a highway construction project as well as all railroad crossing safety projects.

  •  ATRS/BMMS – The Alabama Transit Reporting System and Bus Maintenance Management Systems are systems used to report on the usage and maintenance of rural and non-urbanized public transportation.

  • DREAMaps – The new DREAMaps System is used by Maintenance Bureau to manage the states Outdoor Advertising Billboard inventory and billing as well as the Right-of-Way Permit Applications.