Technical Support


Define and set the statewide departmental standards for software.

Operating systems and applications are installed statewide within the DOT on PCs. Uniformity and consistency throughout the state are essential for support and ease of use. Each OS and application must be installed and configured to the same constraints so that users may seamlessly move between workstations without losing productivity and support personnel can troubleshoot without having to determine how individual workstations/servers have been configured.

Implement and Support Active Directory

Active Directory stores information about users, computers, and network resources and makes the resources accessible to users and applications. It provides a consistent way to name, describe, locate, access, manage, and secure information about these resources. Active Directory provides the following functions:

  • Centralizes control of network resources. By centralizing control of resources such as server, shared files, and printers, only authorized users can access resources in Active Directory.
  • Centralized and decentralizes resource management. Administrators can manage distributed client computers, network services, and applications from a central location by using a consistent management interface, or they can distribute administrative tasks by delegating the control of resources to other administrators.
  • Stores objects securely in a logical structure. Active Directory stores all of the resources as objects in a secure, hierarchical logical structure.
  • Optimizes network traffic. The physical structure of Active Directory enables you to use network bandwidth more efficiently. For example, it ensures that, when users log on to the network, they are authenticated by the authentication authority that is nearest to the users, thus reducing the amount of network traffic.

CADD Support

One of the primary functions of the Department of Transportation is the design and engineering of roadways and related structures. CADD Support offers IT support to the personnel utilizing Computer Aided Drafting and Design for that purpose by providing the following:

  • Working closely with the Design Bureau to implement standards state-wide.
  • Installing software packages such as Microstation, InRoads, IPLOT and other CADD related products.
  • Providing technical assistance and troubleshooting for bureaus and regions using CADD products.
  • Working with vendors for licensing, product enhancements, and other communication