If you have questions about specific contact personnel not listed, please contact a member of the Administration Key Group from the list below. The fax number for the Administration Key Contacts is (334) 269-0826.

Administration Key Contacts
Steven E. Walker Bureau Chief Design Bureau (334)242-6488 walkers@dot.state.al.us
Stan Biddick Assistant Bureau Chief Final Design Engineer (334)242-6833 biddicks@dot.state.al.us
Wade Henry Assistance Bureau Chief Preliminary Design Engineer (334)242-6464 henryw@dot.state.al.us
Gary W. Moore Assistant Bureau Chief Traffic Design Engineer (334)242-6160 mooreg@dot.state.al.us
Kay Mize Office Manager (334)242-6166 mizek@dot.state.al.us
Waymon Benefield Safety Planning (334)353-6404 benifieldw@dot.state.al.us
John Michael Walker Traffic & Safety Operation (334)242-6123 walkerjoh@dot.state.al.us
Brian Ingram Location Engineer (334)242-6476 ingramb@dot.state.al.us
Natasha Clay Environmental Technical (334)242-6315 clayn@dot.state.al.us
Scott Rogers Environmental Coordinator (334)353-6214 rogerssc@dot.state.al.us
Greg Wells Roadway Design (334)242-6511 wellsg@dot.state.al.us
Latasha Merchant Roadway Design (334) 353-6053 merchantl@dot.state.al.us
David Welch Design Services (334)242-6842 welchd@dot.state.al.us
Office Management Group
Kay Mize Office Manager (334)242-6166 mizek@dot.state.al.us
Letitia McGuire ASA II (334)242-6298 mcquirel@dot.state.al.us
VACANT ASA II (334)242-6167
Sylvia McLellan ASA II (334)242-6171 mclellans@dot.state.al.us