Together we work to accomplish our goals of developing high-quality plans, specifications, and estimates for the construction of safe, efficient, and effective projects to address Alabama’s economic, environmental, and intermodal transportation needs.

The Design Bureau is comprised of three divisions: Traffic Engineering Division, Preliminary Engineering Division, and Final Design Division.

Refer to the CADD Support page if you have questions pertaining to CADD (computer aided drafting and design) standards and configurations or require access to files used in Roadway Plan production, Special Detail Drawings, Traffic Control Details, General Sign Details or CADD menu configurations.

Refer to the Standard Drawings Group page for Special Detail Drawings, Traffic Control Detail and General Sign Details.

Refer to the Systems Operations page for questions pertaining to workstations, servers, network access or usage, Operating systems, general software applications or property management within the Design Bureau.

For consultants or others working on ALDOT Design or Construction related projects who are in need of copies of the ALDOT Standard Drawings, please contact Bryan E. Nichols at nicholsb@dot.state.al.us of Plans and Proposals.

If you have would like to contact personnel not listed on this page, please contact someone that is listed to assist you.

David J. Welch, P.E. Design Services - Engineer (334) 242-6842 welchd@dot.state.al.us
Scott W. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E. Environmental Coordination - Engineer (334) 353-6214 rogerssc@dot.state.al.us
Brian Ingram, PE/PLS Location - Engineer (334) 242-6476 ingramb@dot.state.al.us
Latasha Merchant, P.E. Roadway Design - Engineer (334) 353-6053 merchantl@dot.state.al.us
Lee Daughtry, P.E. Roadway Design - Engineer (334) 242-6713 daughtryg@dot.state.al.us
Nicholas Franklin Stormwater - Engineer (334) 242-6071 franklinn@dot.state.al.us
Taylor Stoudenmire, P. E. Traffic Design - Engineer (334) 242-6490 stoudenmiret@dot.state.al.us
John-Michael Walker, P.E. Traffic & Safety Operations - Engineer (334) 242-6123 walkerjoh@dot.state.al.us
Darren Scott Contract Management - Administrator (334) 242-6142 scottd@dot.state.al.us
Natasha Clay Environmental Technical - Administrator (334) 242-6315 clayn@dot.state.al.us
Waymon Benifield Safety Planning - Administrator (334) 353-6404 benifieldw@dot.state.al.us

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
~ Steve Jobs