Stan Carlton
Bureau Chief
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3050
Phone: (334) 242-6969

The procurement staff portion of the bureau is responsible for the processing of, review and Department approval of all requests for Services and Materials. Resulting Purchase Orders are distributed by the Procurement section to all department agencies. The function also provides liaison with State Purchasing to ensure timely purchasing actions for Department of Transportation activities.

The Bureau is also responsible for the maintenance of the Department's Central Office buildings and grounds and provides a Supply Section that maintains a warehouse of office, engineering and personal computer supplies, and Department forms. The Supply Section operation includes a retail map store where highway maps are offered for sale to the general public in addition to municipal and state customers.

The Bureau serves as an equipment (vehicle) rental agency for all of the Departments motor vehicle type equipment and motorized Highway Maintenance Equipment. Equipment rental rates are set established to authorizations and maximum utilization of the equipment. The Bureau develops specifications and requisitions all replacement rental equipment.

The Bureau of Equipment, Procurement and Services consists of an office staff, including a Property Inventory Section, Receiving and Salvage Sale Section, Gym, Motor Pool, Building Services and maintenance Section, a Supply Section and the Procurement Office.