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Frank Bell, P.E. - Pavement Management Engineer
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The major responsibility of the Pavement Management Section is to develop, support, and manage the Department’s pavement management system through the collection of pavement performance data, maintenance of the system’s database, and management of the system’s reporting activities.

  • The Pavement Management Section has partnered with the Engineering Support/GIS Section of Computer Services in developing APART, another evolution in the Department’s pavement management program. The new system will allow greater access to pavement condition data for enhanced reporting, including integration with the Department’s geographical information system. Reports from the system are used to help prioritize maintenance resurfacing; these reports will accessible via this site.


  • The Pavement Parameters group makes friction resistance measurements on all interstate routes in the state, on all state routes and makes measurements at the NCAT Test Track. This data is forwarded to the Safety section of the Bureau of Transportation Planning and Modal Programs for use in development of hazard elimination projects. The pavement friction testers are calibrated yearly at the Texas Transportation Institute.


  • Pavement smoothness measurements are conducted on-system and on selected off-system routes and the results included in the Highway Performance Monitoring System report generated by the Transportation Planning section of the Bureau of Transportation Planning and Modal Programs.


  • Data collection for the determination of the structural strength of different existing roadway sections using a Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) is completed on proposed interstate maintenance projects and on maintenance resurfacing projects in each Region. The FWDs are calibrated yearly at the regional test facility at the Texas Transportation Institute.


  • Data collection for the determination of pavement condition is conducted by an outside vendor. The Data Quality group is responsible for management of the contract as well as quality assurance checking of collected data and imagery.