Online Public Involvement: Initial Input for 2023 Alabama State Rail Plan Update

Online Public Involvement DRAFT Statewide Public Involvement Plan

Alabama State Rail Plan Update

The Alabama Department of Transportation is inviting the public to provide comments and input to be used in the preparation of an update of the Alabama State Rail Plan (SRP). The complete draft plan update will be available for public review and comment in 2023.
The primary purpose of the SRP is to serve as a statewide rail planning document and provide railroad industry information and data. The SRP will articulate a vision, goals and needs for freight and passenger rail service in Alabama. It will include a description of the state rail network, its transportation and economic benefits and rail network needs, and identify planned and proposed projects and investments.
This initial phase of public involvement requesting comment and input is focused on the SRP draft vision, mission, and broad goals. The public is invited to suggest and rank goals and rail system needs by importance. It is requested that commenters characterize their relationship to the Alabama rail network, e.g. interested community member, local government or economic development agency, railroad industry worker or customer, passenger rail user or advocate, etc., and county of residence.
ALDOT is conducting initial online public involvement for the Public comment and input for this initial phase of public involvement must be received on or before November 30, 2022.