Promoting Effectiveness and Efficiency for All Participants

The regulation significantly improves administration of the program:

  • There will be “one stop shopping “ in each state for small firms applying for DBE certification. A firm will have to apply only once to be certified as a DBE for all highway, airport and transit recipients in the state.
  • The regulation’s certification standards are clearer and more specific, resolving many difficult issues that have led to confusion and litigation in the past.
  • The regulation mandates clearer and fairer certification procedures.

In order for small disadvantaged firms, owned by minorities and women, to participate in the ALDOT DBE program, the business must apply for and receive certification as a DBE. A DBE, to be certified, must be a small business owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. ALDOT obtains information regarding the firm through on-site visits, personal interviews, and examination of licenses, stock ownership, equipment, bonding capacity, and the type and nature of work to be performed. Information regarding the certification process and required documentation can be obtained from the ALDOT Human Resources DBE certification representation.

For information regarding the DBE program or application process, contact John Huffman, at (334) 244-6261.