Aeronautics Airport Pavement Maintenance Program


What is the
Airport Pavement Maintenance program?

In 2018, the Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics Bureau (ALDOT Aeronautics) awarded The Jviation Inc. team which included All About Pavements, Inc., (API) a contract to update the existing Alabama Statewide Airport Pavement Management Program (APMP). 59 of the 72 airports within the APMP were included within the project study.
The study included updating the PAVER work history with records review information, conducting a visual pavement condition survey of the airfield pavements, updating the PAVER database with inventory and condition data, updating Maintenance and Rehabilitation (M&R) policies and unit costs, and developing a 7‐Year Pavement Capital Improvement Program (PCIP) with associated cost estimates.

The results of this Pavement Maintenance study can also be found in the Aeronautics Geographic Information System (GIS).

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For questions pertaining to the Airport Pavement Maintenance Program contact John C. Eagerton at 334.242.6820.