Numerical Index of Acceptance Sampling and Testing Schedule

Section-210 Excavation and Embankment Construction 12/14/2010
Section-214 Structure Excavation and Backfill for Drainage Structures and Minor Structures 5/6/2010
Section-215 Excavation for Bridges 5/6/2010
Section-217 Special Protection for Rock Slopes 4/15/2015
Section-219 Landslide Corrections 6/9/2010
Section-224 Treatment of Lime Sinks 5/6/2010
Section-230 Roadbed Processing 9/2/2008
Section-231 Stabilized Roadbed 6/17/2010
Section-232 Lime Stabilized Roadbed 4/08/2010
Section-301 Soil, Soil Aggregates and Aggregate Base and Sub-base 02/05/2015
Section-315 Drainage Plane Layer 5/6/2010
Section-327 Permeable Asphalt Treated Base 11/2/2009
Section-401 Asphalt Surface Treatments 08/10/2023
Section-402 Slurry Seals 5/10/2010
Section-405 Tack Coat 08/10/2023
Section-406 Repaired Bituminous Pavements Deleted 6/02/2010
Section-407 Bituminous Materials Used in Plant Mix Bases and Pavements 6/21/2010
Section-408 Planing or Milling of Existing Pavement 1/1/2018
Section-410 Asphalt Plant Mixes General Requirements 08/10/2023
Section-411 Hot Bituminous Pavement Deleted 6/21/2010
Section-414 Asphalt Binder Layer Deleted 6/21/2010
Section-420 Polymer Modified Open Graded Friction Course 08/10/2023
Section-423 Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Fiber Stabilized Asphalt Concrete 11/2/2009
Section-424 Superpave Bituminous Concrete 6/17/2010
Section-425 Plant Mixed Friction Course Deleted 6/21/2010
Section-429 Improved Bituminous Concrete Deleted 1/1/2008
Section-430 Soil or Aggregate Type Surface 5/6/2010
Section-450 Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 6/11/2015
Section-453 Pressure Grouting and Repair of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 6/17/2010
Section-454 Cleaning and Sealing PCP Pavement Joints and Cracks 6/17/2010
Section-501 Structural Portland Cement Concrete 5/27/2015
Section-502 Steel Reinforcement 05/10/2010
Section-503 Structure Foundations 05/06/2010
Section-505 Piling 05/23/2006
Section-506 Drilled Shafts 05/27/2015
Section-507 Abutment and Bulkhead Anchors 05/10/2010
Section-508 Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals 05/10/2010
Section-509 Untreated and Treated Timber 06/21/2010
Section-510 Bridges 05/18/2010
Section-511 Bridge Bearings 06/01/2010
Section-512 Precast Non-Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members 05/18/2010
Section-513 Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members 05/18/2010
Section-514 Linseed Oil Protective Coating for Bridge Deck Members 05/10/2010
Section-515 Waterproofing and Damp Proofing 05/14/2010
Section-517 Bridge and Sidewalk Handrail 05/10/2010
Section-520 Repair or Raising of Existing Bridges 05/18/2010
Section-521 Section-521 Steel Bridge Painting 06/01/2010
Section-522 Bridge Joint Seals 05/10/2010
Section-524 Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts 05/06/2010
Section-525 Concrete Retaining Walls and Cribbing 05/06/2010
Section-529 Concrete Retaining Walls 12/29/2010
Section-530 Roadway Pipe Culverts 06/01/2010
Section-531 Corrugated Metal Structure Plate Pipe, Arch Pipe, Arch Culverts (Coated and Uncoated) 06/01/2010
Section-532 Corrugated Steel Slotted Drain Pipe 5/10/2010
Section-533 Storm Sewers 04/11/2018
Section-535 Side Drain Pipe 04/11/2018
Section-536 Re-laid Pipe 05/6/2010
Section-601 Field Laboratories 05/25/2010
Section-602 Right of Way and Land Survey Markers 05/6/2010
Section-603 Engineer’s Field Office 5/25/2010
Section-604 Geotextile As Permeable Asphalt Treated Base Treatment 4/7/2008
Section-605 Pavement Edge Drains 06/13/2011
Section-606 Pipe Underdrain 10/01/14
Section-607 Paving Geotextiles 04/07/2008
Section-608 Separative Applications 04/07/2008
Section-609 Aggregate Slope Protection 08/16/2010
Section-610 Riprap 5/23/2011
Section-611 Mortar for Masonry 5/18/2010
Section-612 Rubble Masonry 5/21/2010
Section-613 Brick and Concrete Block Masonry 05/12/2010
Section-614 Slope Paving 01/01/2011
Section-615 Grouted Rubble Slope Drain 05/27/2015
Section-616 Soil Cement Flume 6/21/2010
Section-617 Bituminous Treated Glass Fiber Flumes 06/21/2010
Section-618 Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways 05/18/2010
Section-619 Prefabricated Pipe Culvert Headwalls 05/06/2010
Section-620 Minor Structure Concrete 05/18/2010
Section-621 Inlets, Junction Boxes Manholes and Miscellaneous Drainage Structures 05/12/2010
Section-622 Resetting Gratings, and Covers for Catch Basins, Inlets and Manholes 05/06/2010
Section-623 Curb, Gutter and Combination Curb and Gutter 5/18/2010
Section-626 Concrete Median Strip 05/18/2010
Section-629 Concrete Median and Safety Barrier 06/01/2010
Section-630 Guardrail and Barrier Rail 05/13/2010
Section-631 Guardrail or Barrier Rail Reset 06/01/2010
Section-632 Headlight Glare Screen 06/17/2010
Section-634 Chain Link Industrial Fence 05/24/2010
Section-635 Woven Wire Fence 05/24/2010
Section-636 Barbed Wire Fence 06/01/2010
Section-637 Fence Reset 06/01/2010
Section-640 Minor Utility Adjustments 05/25/2010
Section-641 Water Pipe 06/21/2011
Section-642 Fire Hydrant Deleted 06/17/2010
Section-643 Water Meters and Valve Boxes Deleted 6/17/2010
Section-645 Sanitary Sewers 12/11/2013
Section-649 Encasement Pipe for Utilities 5/13/2010
Section-650 Topsoil 04/14/2009
Section-651 Ground Preparation and Fertilizer for Erosion Control 06/17/2010
Section-652 Seeding 03/22/2010
Section-653 Sprigging 11/03/2010
Section-654 Solid Sodding 04/26/1994
Section-656 Mulching 04/26/1994
Section-657 Grassy Mulch 11/03/2010
Section-658 Hydro-Seeding and Mulching 04/26/1994
Section-659 Erosion Control Netting 05/19/1997
Section-660 Vines, Shrubs and Tree Planting 11/03/2010
Section-661 Transplanting Trees, Shrubs and Vines 11/03/2010
Section-663 Tree Wells and Tree Root Protection 11/03/2010
Section-665 Temporary Erosion Control 06/15/2010
Section-666 Pest Control 04/26/1994
Section-668 Pre-Emergent Soil Sterilization Treatment 11/3/2010
Section-669 Post-Emergent Herbicide Treatment 11/03/2010
Section-701 Traffic Stripe 10/01/2014
Section-703 Traffic Control Markings and Legends 5/13/2010
Section-705 Pavement Markers Class A 5/13/2010
Section-707 Delineators and Hazard Markers 5/13/2010
Section-708 Object Safety Markings 5/13/2010
Section-709 Mileposts 6/1/2010
Section-710 Roadway Signs 05/10/2010
Section-715 Overhead Roadway Sign Structures 05/13/2010
Section-717 Overhead Sign Structures Renovation or Relocation 05/13/2010
Section-726 Portable Concrete Safety Barriers and Impact Attenuators 05/06/2010
Section-730 Furnishing and Installing Traffic Control Equipment 06/01/2010
Section-740 Traffic Control Devices for Work Zones 05/13/2010
Section-741 Portable Sequential Arrow and Chevron Unit 05/13/2010
Section-756 Furnishing and Installing Electrical Ducts 06/21/2010