ALDOT Testing Manual - Procedures by Topic

ALDOT-175 Method of Stockpiling Coarse Aggregate for all Purposes 2/25/1994
ALDOT-223 Establishing Moisture-Density Controls for Soils and/or Aggregates with Chemical Additives (Excluding Bituminous Materials) 2/15/1994
ALDOT-239 Method of Sampling and Testing Riprap Stone (Classes 1 - 5) and Buttress Material 6/10/2010
ALDOT-240 Determination of Moisture Content in Mulching Materials 2/17/1994
ALDOT-249 Procedure for Acceptance of Fine and Coarse Aggregates 6/29/2005
ALDOT-283 Method of Test for Sieve Analysis of Agricultural Limestone 2/22/1994
ALDOT-321 Test for Glassy Particles in Crushed Slag 3/18/1994
ALDOT-330 Procedure for Marking, Sampling and Inspection of Corrugated Metal Round and Arch Roadway and Side Drain Pipe 3/18/1994
ALDOT-364 Procedure for Inspection of Concrete Pipe, Precast Manholes, Precast Box Culverts, Precast Non-Prestress Concrete Bridge Members and Miscellaneous Precast Products 07/11/2016
ALDOT-376  Certification Program for Aggregate Technicians  3/29/1995
ALDOT-377  Certification Program for Precast Concrete Products Technicians 12/29/2009
ALDOT-382 Mining, Stockpiling, Sampling, and Testing Carbonate Stone from Single or Multiple Formations/Ledges for Determination of BPN9 Values 10/11/1994
ALDOT-427 Procedure for Limerock Bearing Ratio 5/15/2007
ALDOT-453 Procedure for Inspection and Acceptance of Segmental Retaining Wall Block Facilities, Masonry Block Facilities, and Other Similar Manufacturing Facilities 07/11/2014

ALDOT-130 Moisture Content of Hot-Mix Asphalt by Drying 11/07/2008
ALDOT-155 Asphalt Plant Check List 2/12/2009
ALDOT-210 Selecting Samples by the Random Numbers Method 2/24/1994
ALDOT-243 Acceptance Program for Asphalt Materials 11/2/2009
ALDOT-255 Field Method for Determining the Effect of an Anti-Stripping Agent in Bituminous Mixtures 2/22/1994
ALDOT-258 Mechanical Analysis of Extracted Aggregate 11/17/2008
ALDOT-259 Open-Graded Asphalt Concrete Friction Course Design Method 8/23/1999
ALDOT-307 Design Method for Selecting Optimum Asphalt Cement Content of Bituminous Mixture by Means of the Marshall Apparatus 10/20/2008
ALDOT-319 Rapid Method to Determine the Bitumen Content in Bituminous Paving Mixtures 2/28/1994
ALDOT-320 In-Line Blending of Anti-Strip Agent at Bituminous Plant Mix Manutacturing Site 03/18/1994
ALDOT-324 Plant Requirements for Plants Producing Hot-Mixed, Hot-Laid Bituminous Paving Mixtures 03/02/2016
ALDOT-344 Design Method for Selecting the Grade of Recycling Agent and Optimum Asphalt Cement Content of Hot-Mix Recycle Bituminous Mixtures 10/28/2008
ALDOT-349 Hot Mix Asphalt Field Testing Equipment 3/12/2010
ALDOT-350 In-Place Bituminous Plant Mix Density Measurements 9/1/2005
ALDOT-353 Field Method for Determining Air Void Content and Marshall Stability and Flow of Bituminous Mixtures Deleted 8/24/2016
ALDOT-354 Asphalt Content of Hot-Mix Asphalt by the Nuclear Method 12/2/2008
ALDOT-361 Resistance of Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt to Moisture Induced Damage 11/17/2008
ALDOT-370 Guidelines for Operation of Hot-Mix Asphalt Plants and the Issuance of Test Reports 8/31/2016
ALDOT-371 Rapid Method to Determine the Asphalt Content and Gradation of Asphalt Paving Mixtures Using Biodegradable Extractant 3/18/1994
ALDOT-372 Approval of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Stockpiles 1/25/2019
ALDOT-374 Certification Program for Hot-Mix Asphalt Technicians 10/6/2009
ALDOT-375 Contractor Quality Control System for Hot-Mix Asphalt Deleted 8/24/2016
ALDOT-380 Forms and Examples for Sampling and Computing Pay Factors for Hot Mix Asphalt 5/8/2000
ALDOT-381 Method for Correlation of Marshall Hammers 10/24/2008
ALDOT-384 Mix Design Procedure for Superpave Level I 03/2/2016
ALDOT-386 Determination of Draindown Characteristics in Uncompacted Bituminous Mixtures 8/22/1995
ALDOT-388 Superpave Volumetric Mix Design Procedure Using Recycled Asphalt Pavement Deleted 10/1/2013
ALDOT-389 Evaluation of Segregated Areas in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement 6/11/2009
ALDOT-395 Stone Matrix Asphalt Mix Design 12/4/2008
ALDOT-399 Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt Mortars 7/26/1999
ALDOT-401 06/29/2022
ALDOT-403 Roadway Core Bulk Specific Gravity Determination 11/09/2010
ALDOT-408 Polymer Content of Polymer Modified Paving Grade Asphalt Binder Using Infrared Spectrophotometer 12/3/2001
ALDOT-415 Testing Emulsified Asphalt Joint Sealer for HMA Pavements 9/8/2004
ALDOT-424 MRD (Material Remixing Device) Evaluation Procedure 03/02/2016
ALDOT-429 Hot Mix Asphalt Release Agent 02/15/2023
ALDOT-430 Standard Test Method for Determining the Bond Strength Between Layers of an Asphalt Pavement 9/23/2008
ALDOT-432 Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) Testing 6/22/2009
ALDOT-436 Warm Mix Asphalt Process/Product Approval 10/25/2010
ALDOT-454 Procedure for Calibrating Microsurfacing Equipment 7/28/2016
ALDOT-458 High Temperature Indirect Tensile 11/16/2022
ALDOT-459 Alabama Cracking Test (AL-CT) 11/16/2022
ALDOT-463 Certification Program for Liguid Asphalt Technicians 6/23/2023

ALDOT-170 Method of Controlling Concrete Operations for Structures and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement 1/14/2013
ALDOT-227 Quality Control of Portland and Blended Hydraulic Cements 5/23/
ALDOT-231 Testing Techniques for Pneumatically Applied Concrete 2/16/1994
ALDOT-248 Method of Test for Measuring the Depth of Groves in Concrete Pavements and Bridge Decks with a Tire Depth Gage 3/18/1994
ALDOT-328 Rapid Method of Sampling Fresh Concrete from Revolving Drum Truck Mixers or Agitators 3/18/1994
ALDOT-338 Test Method for Flow of Grout Mixtures (Flow Cone Method) 3/18/1994
ALDOT-352 Certification Program for Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants 9/23/2016
ALDOT-366 Test Method for Pull Out on Steel Tie Bars Secured in Concrete with Epoxy 3/18/1994
ALDOT-367 Production and Inspection of Precast Non-Prestressed and Prestressed Concrete 1/11/2010
ALDOT-405 Certification and Qualification Program for Concrete Technicians and Concrete Laboratories 12/01/2014
ALDOT-407 Calibration Verification of Truck Mounted Water Meters 1/1/2002
ALDOT-425 Maturity Method to Determine Early-Age Strengths of Concrete 6/18/2008
ALDOT-441 PreStressing Strand Pullout Test 7/29/2009
ALDOT-451 Production and Inspection of Spun Cast Cylinder Piles 03/1/2013
ALDOT-452 Sieve Stability Test Self-Consolidating Concete 02/27/2015
ALDOT-455 Procedure for Installation of Temperature Sensors on Mass Concrete Members 04/10/2019
ALDOT-456 Procedure for Determining an Age-Dependent Maximum In-Place Temperature Differential for Use in Mass Concrete Construction 04/10/2019
ALDOT-457 Procedure for Determination of In-Place Compressive Strength of Concrete 09/09/2019

ALDOT-365 Standard Practice for Investigating and Sampling Soil on Properties with Underground Storage Tanks and/or Other Forms of Pollution 10/21/2008
ALDOT-390 Procedure for Conducting Soil Surveys and Preparing Materials Reports 2/14/2012
ALDOT-398 ALDOT Guidance for Preconstruction Activities 2/8/2005
ALDOT-402 Procedure for Approval of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls 3/18/2009
ALDOT-406 Method for the Physical Testing Temporary Erosion Control Geotextiles (Silt Fence) for Inclusion on List II-3 10/21/2008
ALDOT-435 Aggregate Slope Protection Testing & Frequency 3/9/2009
ALDOT-438 Procedure for Approval of Gravity Wall Systems 3/1/2010

ALDOT-335 Measuring Profile Index of a Paved Surface 09/24/2007
ALDOT-362 Procedure for Measurement of the Surface Temperature of Pavement 03/18/1994
ALDOT-410 Pavement Friction Testing Procedure Deleted 05/01/2015
ALDOT-411 Road Profiler Procedure Deleted 05/01/2015
ALDOT 414 Network-Level Pavement Condition Data Collection Procedure 10/01/2021
ALDOT-448 Evaluating Pavement Profiles 03/12/2015

ALDOT-247 Marking of High-Strength Bolts, Nuts and Washers for Structural Steel Joints 02/23/1994
ALDOT-358 Jack Calibration Procedure 03/18/1994
ALDOT-359 Wilhelm Gauge Calibration 10/19/2009