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Central Office

Philip Shamburger Bureau Chief, ROW Administration (334) 242-6188
Ellen Wadsworth Office Manager Administration (334) 242-6186
Amy Payton Administrative Assistant Administration (334) 242-6971
Lora Brown Administrative Assistant Administration (334) 242-6184
LaWanna Woods Administrative Assistant-File Clerk Administration (334) 242-6223
FAX Administration (334) 263-2442
Conference Room Administration (334) 242-6784
Jeff Jones Asst. Bureau Chief, Right-of-Way Operations Right-of-Way / Appraisal Review (334) 242-6199 p.
VACANT Chief Appraiser Appraisal Review
Frank Hayes Real Property Value Analyst Appraisal Review (334) 242-6200
Sharon Grant Real Property Value Analyst Appraisal Review (334) 242-6202
Margaret Stokes-Davis Sr. ROW Specialist Relocation Assistance (334) 242-6817
Mike Pickett Chief Relocation & Acquisition Officer Relocation Assistance (334) 242-6193
Judy Campbell Sr. ROW Specialist Relocation Assistance (334) 242-6195
Dee Kennerson ROW Specialist Relocation Assistance (334) 242-6194
Felicia McQueen ROW Specialist Relocation Assistance (334) 353-6647
Marie Thomas ROW Specialist Relocation Assistance (334) 242-6190
Will Jefcoat Transportation Manager/Mapping Section Supervisor Engineering Services/GIS (334) 242-6815
Matthew Anderson TT Sr. Mapping Engineering Services/GIS (334) 353-6619
Lindy Sorrell Asst. Bureau Chief, Engineering Services/GIS Engineering Services/GIS (334) 242-6187
Ray McCall TT Sr. Checking Engineering Services/GIS (334) 242-6035
Thomas Chris Transportation Technologist Engineering Services/GIS (334) 353-6648
Robert G. Lee Asst. Bureau Chief, Utilities Engineer Utilities (334) 242-6155
Jo Ann Turner Administrative Assistant Utilities (334) 242-6177
Anna Harris Transportation Technologist, Sr. Utilities (334) 242-6237
VACANT Assistant Utilities Engineer Utilities (334) 242-6581
Alan Davis Transportation Technologist, Sr. Utilities (334) 242-6704
Yvonne Hawkins Engineering Assistant Utilities (334) 242-6790
Nathan Boswell Civil Engineer Graduate Utilities (334) 242-6647

Alabama Region and District Map

North Region

Rodney Ellis Area Pre-Construction Engineer (256) 571-7250 SL# 1055 Guntersville
James Snider ROW Manager (256) 571-7270 SL# 1008 Guntersville
Kevin Morrow Sr. RVPA Acquisition Manager (256) 571-7272 Guntersville
Vicki Preist ROW Specialist/Appraisals (256) 571-7277 Guntersville
Mike Segers Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Relocation Officer (256) 571-7271 Guntersville
Scott Haga ROW Specialist/Relocation, Property Manager & Estimates (256) 571-7280 Guntersville
Gary Roberts Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Negotiator (256) 571-7273 Guntersville
Brent Skidmore ROW Specialist/Negotiator (256) 571-7279 Guntersville
Wade Shadden Utilities Manager (256) 571-7255 SL # 1018 Guntersville
Alan Teague Area Pre-Construction Administrator (256) 389-1419- Tuscumbia
Tim Weaver ROW Manager (256) 389-1464 SL# Tuscumbia
Laura Allen RPVA (256) 389-1420- Tuscumbia
Linda Grissom ROW Specialist (256) 389-1423- Tuscumbia
Scott Hester Utilities Manager (256) 389-1417 SL# 2008 Tuscumbia

East Central Region

Denise Thackerson ROW Manager (205) 581-5642 SL#3006 Birmingham
James Grimmett Sr. RPVA/Chief Appraiser (205)581-5911 Birmingham
Dennis Hill Sr. RPVA/Court Work Supervisor & Estimates (205)581-5896 Birmingham
Dana Askew RPVA (205)581-5649 Birmingham
Sondra Davis RPVA (205)581-5926 Birmingham
Cynthia Collins RPVA (205)581-5701 Birmingham
Mike Brock RPVA (205)581-5902 Birmingham
Brian Barnett Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Relocation Officer & Property Manager (205)581-5694 SL# 3027 Birmingham
Brenda Roberson ROW Specialist/Chief Negotiator (205)581-5652 Birmingham
VACANT ROW Specialist (205)581-5915 Birmingham
Shawn Kitchens Transportation Technologist/Mapping (205)581-5648 Birmingham
Larry Ramey Utilities Manager (256) 581-5630 SL#3008 Birmingham
Steven Corley Area Pre-Construction Engineer (256)234-8520 SL#4004 Alex City
Lisa Burns ROW Acquisition Manager (256)234-8446 SL#4008 Alex City
Rhonda McKenzie Sr. RPVA/Appraisals (256)234-8445 Alex City
Jernell Anderson Sr. ROW Specialist/Relocation (256)215-5161 Alex City
Robin Brooks Sr. ROW Specialist/Negotiations (256)234-8442 Alex City
Wayne Chappell ROW Specialist/Negotiations (256)234-8427 Alex City
Jannie Thomas ROW Specialist (256)234-4265 Alex City
Jesse Joiner Utilities Manager (256)234-8422 SL#4018 Alex City

West Central Region

Brad Darden Area Pre-Construction Engineer (205)554-3244 SL#5005 Tuscaloosa
Steve Gamble ROW Acquisition Manager (205)554-3254 SL# 5032 Tuscaloosa
Nik Pantaze Sr. RPVA/Appraisals (205)554-2157 Tuscaloosa
Mike Murrell Sr. ROW Specialist/Relocation Officer (205)554-3256 Tuscaloosa
Bill Pate ROW Specialist/Relocation (205)554-3210 Tuscaloosa
Travis Crocker Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Negotiator (205)554-3255 Tuscaloosa
Randall Williams ROW Specialist/Negotiations (205)554-3200 Tuscaloosa
Kramer Mize ROW Specialist (205)581-5915 Tuscaloosa
Valerie Mason Transportation Technologist/Mapping (205)554-3219 Tuscaloosa
Randy Milligan Utilities Manager (205)554-3246 SL# 5707 Tuscaloosa
Rickey Smith ROW Acquisition Manager (205)523-3218 Fayette
Lynn Landers Sr. ROW Specialist/Relocation & Property Manager (205)921-2117 Fayette
Kimberlee Dodd ROW Acquisition Manager (205)921-2118 Fayette

Southeast Region

Tom Hall ROW Manager (334)353-6878 SL#6059 Montgomery
Gloria Fitzpatrick Sr. RPVA/Chief Appraiser (334)353-6890 Montgomery
Candi Kyser Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Relocation Officer (334)353-6888 Montgomery
Lindsey Mulkey Sr. ROW Specialist/Negotiator (334)353-6891 Montgomery
Scott Short ROW Specialist (334)353-6892 Montgomery
Tori Flowers ROW Specialist (334)353-6856 Montgomery
Michael Grant Utilities Manager (334)353-6879 SL#6008 Montgomery
Kevin Shirley ROW Manager (334)670-2428 SL#7018 Troy
Maricia Dillard Sr. RPVA/Appraisals (334)670-2434 Troy
Clay Garner Sr. ROW Specialist/Relocation (334)670-2471 Troy
Gary Foster Sr. ROW Specialist/Negotiations (334)670-2416 Troy
Pam Benton ROW Specialist/Negotiations & Mapping (334)670-2431 Troy
Bo Whaley TT, Sr./Mapping ROW Specialist (334)670-2499 Troy
Charlotte Franklin Utilities Manager (334)670-2459 Troy

Southwest Region

Marvin Waller ROW Manager (251)470-8270 SL#9060 Mobile
VACANT Sr. RPVA/Chief Appraiser (251)470-8244 Mobile
VACANT Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Relocation Officer (251)470-8272 Mobile
Paul Gelineau Sr. ROW Specialist/Chief Negotiator (251)470-8294 Mobile
Tricia DeVaughn ROW Specialist/Property Manager (251)470-8278 Mobile
Adam Arkle ROW Specialist (251)470-8393 Mobile
Randall Smith ROW Specialist (251)450-2639 Mobile
William Sibley ROW Specialist (251)470-8372 Mobile
Monica Dees Transportation Technologist (251)470-8294 Mobile
Scott Jayroe Utilities Manager (251)470-8386 Mobile
Robbie Lipscomb ROW Acquisition Manager (251)275-1339 Grove Hill