Engineering Programs

Engineering Training Orientation Program (ETOP)

The ETOP is a series of work assignments rotation the entry level Civil Engineering Graduate (CEG) or Professional Civil Engineering Trainee (PCET) through various phases of highway Engineering.

Professional development is fundamental to producing top quality engineering personnel in ALDOT. This kind of development is achieved through many transportation engineering related work experiences. While working in areas such as highway location and construction surveying, road and bridge design, road and bridge construction, maintenance, materials and tests, an ALDOT employee can gain experience fundamentals to their professional development.

Fundamentals of Engineering/Professional Engineering Program (FE/PE)

The FE/PE Exam Review Course (study session) is a self-study course which lasts for eight (8) consecutive weeks. ALDOT provides the study materials (e.g. manuals, books, etc.). Each course participant in allowed one work day per week, eight hours a day, to study for the exam. ALDOT employees planning to take the FE/PE examinations have the opportunity to register twice a year for the FE/PE review course study sessions. the Spring and Fall sessions begin eight (8) weeks prior to examination. The maximum number of training hours is sixty-four (64) per course session. A practice test is administered halfway through the course to assist the participants with their preparation of the actual examination.

EA Hands on Rotation

One of ALDOT's requirements for a newly hired employee in the Engineering Assistant (EA) classification is that the employee will complete a Hands On Rotation within three (3) months on the job. The EA Hands On Rotation consist of a thirteen (13) day rotation through the following areas: four (4) days on a construction project, one (1) day in the location section, one (1) day in the design section, four (4) days in the Materials and Tests section, and three (3) days in Analysis and Planning. During the fiscal year 2004-2005, documentation indicates twenty-one (21) EAs completed the Hands On Rotation training activity.

Professional Civil Engineer Trainee (PCET)

This program is designed to provide on the job training for Civil Engineering students. Applicants must provide a current copy of their college transcript when submitting an application for employment with ALDOT.


Eugene Elmore
Section Chief

Sheena Spriggs
ETOP/EA Rotation Asst.