Administrative John R. Cooper came out of retirement to serve as Alabama’s Transportation Director effective January 17, 2011. From 2002 to 2008, John was Chief Executive Officer of Avocent Corporation in Huntsville, a global provider of information technology infrastructure management; he was chairman of Avocent from 2003 to 2008. John has a business background that has seen him serve as a CEO, CFO, Corporate Vice President and as a partner in large accounting firms. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting from the University of Alabama.

Administrative Contact List

Transportation Director: John R. Cooper Phone: (334) 242-6470
Aeronautics The mission of the Aeronautics Bureau is to serve the local airport operators and general public by assuring that aviation fuel taxes are spent on projects and research that will preserve and enhance Alabama's air transportation system. Ensuring the long-term safety and efficiency of Alabama's airports is essential to the state's transportation system.

Aeronautics Contact List

Bureau Chief: Frank Farmer Phone: (334) 242-6820
Air Transportation The Air Transportation Bureau provides safe and expedited air travel for authorized State personnel. The Bureau currently operates two business aircraft; one Cessna Citation and one Beech Baron. The Bureau’s aircraft are equipped for virtually all-weather operations and incorporate guidance systems capable of meeting the latest required navigation performance (RNP). The Bureau also provides aircraft storage, ground handling, aircraft maintenance, and pilot services for numerous other state agencies.

Air Transportation Contact List

Chief Pilot: Andrew Buxbaum Phone: (334) 353-6723
Bridge The Bridge Bureau is responsible for the structural design and analysis of all structures used on Alabama’s Highway System. Functions include bridge hydraulic analysis and site inspections, preliminary bridge layouts and location studies (Type, Size and Location), structural design and analysis, bridge rating, detailed plans preparation, checking, and fabrication inspection. It performs structural design and analysis for highway bridges, pedestrian overpasses, overhead sign structures, highway lighting supports, and culverts for new construction. It designs and provides maintenance and rehabilitation plans for bridges that are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

Bridge Contact List

Bridge Engineer: William (Tim) Colquett Phone: (334) 242-6001
Compliance & Business Opportunities The primary functions of the Compliance and Business Opportunity Bureau is to ensure regulatory compliance of federally mandated Civil Rights Programs that promote nondiscrimination in the workplace, construction projects, and programs administered by ALDOT. The Bureau has the responsibility of monitoring the expenditure of over approximately 1.2 million dollars in state and federal funds. The Compliance and Business Opportunities Bureau operates under the management of Deputy Director of Administration, Maxine Wheeler. The Bureau is now under the day-to-day direction of Bureau Chief, Clarence H. Hampton whose responsibility is to ensure the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is in full compliance with all related federal and state nondiscriminatory laws, regulations, directives, and executive orders in all of its programs and activities. The Bureau is designed to maintain the administration of a continuous Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Affirmative Action Program for ALDOT regarding EEO requirements.

Compliance And Business Opportunities Contact List

Bureau Chief: Clarence H. Hampton Phone: (334) 242-6645
Computer Services The Computer Services Bureau is responsible for assisting the various bureaus and regions with managing, securing, utilizing and sharing their information to support the overall mission of the department. To that end, the Computer Services Bureau offers a variety of infrastructure, programming and technical support activities, including mainframe, server and personal computer support, telecommunication services, network and infrastructure operations, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and software application development and support.

Computer Services Contact List

Bureau Chief: Terence Burke, Sr. Phone: (334) 242-6027
Construction The Construction Bureau furnishes technical advice to the Regions and lends assistance to them in the resolution of construction issues and other matters related to administration of construction contracts. Also, it approves or authorizes approval authority to the Regions for the processing of supplemental agreements, force accounts, and time extensions. The Bureau engages in the general supervision of all contract construction work and promotes statewide uniformity in interpretation and implementation of the contract requirements. It serves in an advisory capacity to other Bureaus prior to the awarding of a project to a contractor. After an awarding of a project to a contractor, other Bureaus serve in an advisory capacity to this Bureau.

Construction Contact List

Construction Engineer: Stacey N. Glass, P.E. Phone: (334) 242-6252
Design The Design Bureau is comprised of three divisions: Traffic Engineering Division, Preliminary Engineering Division, and Final Design Division. Refer to the CADD Support page if you have questions pertaining to CADD (computer aided drafting and design) standards and configurations or require access to files used in Roadway Plan production, Special Detail Drawings, Traffic Control Details, General Sign Details or CADD menu configurations.

Design Contact List

Bureau Chief - Stan Biddick, P.E. Phone: (334) 242-6178
Equipment The procurement staff portion of the bureau is responsible for the processing of, review and Department approval of all requests for Services and Materials. Resulting Purchase Orders are distributed by the Procurement section to all department agencies. The function also provides liaison with State Purchasing to ensure timely purchasing actions for Department of Transportation activities.

Equipment Contact List

Bureau Chief: Stan Carlton Phone: (334) 242-6062
Finance & Audit It is the responsibility of the Bureau of Finance & Audit to provide financial management for the State of Alabama Department of Transportation. In order to do this, the Bureau of Finance & Audit maintains a fully integrated, modern, and accurate computerized system of general, budgetary and cost accounting and coordinates the preparation of an annual budget request to be presented to the Governor and the legislature.

Finance & Audit Contact List

Bureau Chief: Jeff Hornsby Phone: (334) 242-6359
Legal The Legal Bureau of the Alabama Department of Transportation is staffed by Assistant Attorneys General, commissioned by the Attorney General to represent the interests of the State. The Legal Bureau advises the Director and Department on all legal matters related to department business, including representing the Director, the Department, and its employees in legal, administrative and other proceedings. The Bureau represents the Director, the Department, and its employees, both in their individual and official capacities, in state and federal courts. The cases include employment matters, state tort claims usually involving personal injuries sustained by motorists, environmental disputes associated with construction projects, contracts, trespass and encroachment of private property upon state right of way, outdoor advertising, condemnation matters as well as collection matters involving property damage. The Bureau reviews federal statutes, rules and regulations and advises the Department as to their compatibility with existing state statutes and Department policies. The Bureau recommends necessary changes to comply with federal law. In some instances, this requires drafting new or amending existing state laws.

Legal Contact List

Bureau Chief: Bill Patty Phone: (334) 242-6350
Local Transportation The Local Transportation Bureau (LTB) is responsible for the administration of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and State Road and Bridge Funds allocated to Local Public Agencies (LPAs) within the State of Alabama. The agencies include 67 counties, 14 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), 12 Rural Planning Organization (RPOs), municipalities, regional small urban and rural transit providers, and qualifying non-profit organizations. These funds are used for planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of locally owned and operated transportation facilities.

Local Transportation Contact List

State Local Transportation Engineer: Brad Lindsey Phone: (334) 242-6203
Maintenance The Maintenance Bureau is comprised of (12) sections: Bridge, GIS/LRS Data Management, Hydraulics/Scour, Management & Training, Permits & Operation, Roadway, Surveying & Mapping, Traffic Incident Management (TIM), Traffic Operations, Traffic Monitoring Unmanned Aerial Systems , and Vehicle Enforcement.

Maintenance Contact List

Bureau Chief: Eric J. Christie Phone: (334) 242-6272
Materials & Tests The Bureau of Materials & Test is responsible for the effective selection and control of all materials used by the Department in road and bridge construction. It is subdivided into seven divisions of responsibility; Administrative, CAMMS Automation & Coordination, Environmental Analysis & Compliance, Geotechnical, Materials, Pavement Management & Testing.

Materials & Tests Contact List

State Materials & Test Engineer: Scott George Phone: (334) 206-2202
Media & Community Relations The Media and Community Relations Bureau is the primary source to the public and various stakeholders for information about projects on Alabama’s state, U.S. and interstate highways and about ALDOT programs and initiatives. Bureau personnel routinely provide information to reporters and the public. The Bureau in the past few years has evolved to be more proactive and community focused. The Bureau is involved in a sustained public education and outreach campaign intended to strengthen the safety culture on Alabama’s roadways.

Media & Community Relations Contact List

Bureau Chief: Tony Harris Phone: (334) 242-6354
Office Engineer The Bureau of Office Engineer is the Office of Record for the Department and acts in an advisory capacity to the Transportation Director, Chief Engineer's office, Bureau Chiefs, and Region Engineers in matters of project lettings, finance and administration of federal funds, and in other areas pertaining to the general function of the Department.

Office Engineer Contact List

State Office Engineer: Joe Lister Phone: (334) 242-6449
Personnel The Personnel Bureau provides Human Resource functions and services to ALDOT. The Bureau’s organization consists of the Administrative, Personnel Transactions, Employee Relations, and Risk Management sections. The Administrative and Personnel Transactions Section coordinates with the State Personnel Department and the Bureaus and Regions of ALDOT all personnel requests involving hiring, separations, and disciplinary actions. In addition, the Bureau facilitates all appointments, payroll submissions, and related personnel programs.

Personnel Contact List

Director of Personnel: Philip McIntosh Phone: (334) 242-6865
Quality Control The Quality Control Bureau reviews highway plans for conformance to established design criteria, policies, and specifications, and conducts plan review inspections with Region, FHWA and other engineering personnel. These reviews are conducted at specific stages of highway plan development. The Quality Control Bureau then produces reports from the reviews so that changes can be made to the highway plans prior to project lettings.

Quality Control Contact List

Bureau Chief: Brian Ingram Phone: (334) 242-6862
Research & Development The mission of Research & Development is to Promote the Use of Innovation and Technology in Transportation Through Research & Development.The Research and Development (R&D) Bureau provides an interactive source of information for the public and ALDOT bureaus and regions. It emphasizes the incorporation of new technologies and products and the implementation of research findings of increased efficiency with minimized effort into the normal operations of the ALDOT. The R&D Bureau operates two sections to accomplish its goals; the Product Evaluation Section and the Research Section.

Research & Development Contact List

Research & Development Engineer: Kidada Dixon Phone: (334) 353-6940
Right of Way The Right of Way Bureau is comprised of three divisions: Right of Way Operations / Engineering Services & GIS / Utilities. These three divisions work together to acquire and clear properties, and coordinate utility adjustments needed for right of way purposes. The Right of Way Bureau is committed to the equitable and fair treatment of all affected parties in the obtaining/clearing of properties and utility relocations, and strives to serve the people of the State of Alabama, being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

Right of Way Contact List

Bureau Chief: Philip Shamburger Phone: (334) 242-6971
Training The Training Bureau provides training programs and workforce development initiatives to help develop employee foundational and occupational education, training, and experience opportunities to satisfy current and future ALDOT mission requirements. The Bureau also oversees the development and guidance of the ALDOT Engineering Training and Recruiting programs.

Training Contact List

Bureau Chief: Craig Guthridge Phone: (334) 213-2021
East Central Region

Birmingham Area Counties: Blount • Jefferson • Shelby • St. Clair

Alex City Area Counties: Calhoun • Chambers • Clay • Cleburne • Coosa • Randolph • Talladega • Tallapoosa

Region Contact List

Regional Engineer: Mr. DeJarvis Leonard, P.E. Phone: (205) 327-4963
North Region

Tuscumbia Area Counties: Colbert • Franklin • Lauderdale • Lawrence • Limestone • Morgan

Guntersville Area Counties: Cherokee • Cullman • Dekalb • Etowah • Jackson • Madison • Marshall

Region Contact List

Regional Engineer: Curtis W. Vincent, P.E.    Phone: 256-505-4956
Southeast Region

Montgomery Area Counties: Autauga • Bullock • Butler • Dallas • Elmore • Lee • Lowndes • Macon • Montgomery• Russell

Troy Area Counties: Barbour • Coffee • Covington • Crenshaw • Dale • Geneva • Henry • Houston • Pike

Region Contact List

Regional Engineer: Steven Graben, P.E. Phone: (334) 353-6858
Southwest Region

Grove Hill Area Counties: Clarke • Choctaw • Marengo • Monroe • Washington • Wilcox

Mobile Area Counties: Baldwin • Conecuh • Escambia • Mobile

Region Contact List

Regional Engineer: Matthew J. Ericksen, P.E. Phone: (251) 470-8201
West Central Region

Fayette Area Counties: Fayette • Greene • Lamar • Marion • Pickens • Walker • Winston

Tuscaloosa Area Counties: Bibb • Chilton • Hale • Perry • Sumter • Tuscaloosa

Region Contact List

Regional Engineer: Wallace C. McAdory III Phone: (205) 562-3100
Fleet Management The function of the Deputy Director for Fleet Management is the development of a Statewide Fleet Management Program to provide for the efficient and cost-effective collaborative management of motor vehicles. He ensures compliance with the Green Fleets Law (Act 2009-650) that mandates improvements in fuel economy and emissions through life cycle cost procurement of new vehicles and utilization of proven new technologies in existing vehicles. He directs the development and maintenance of vehicle inventory, and acquisition of vehicles for the State of Alabama. There are currently 125 vehicles in the SMP. We provide fuel, maintenance and other services to 148 state agencies. The State Motor Pool operates on a revolving fund and receives no monies from the State General Fund Budget.

Fleet Management Contact List

Deputy Director: Willie Bradley Phone: (334) 260-5284
Transportation Enforcement The ALDOT Office of Transportation Enforcement is charged with enforcing transportation, public safety and revenue offenses and work with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify, verify and analyze the bulk transportation of hazardous materials through the state. ALDOT’s sworn officers have extensive state, local and federal law enforcement and regulatory experience, and are authorized to issue citations, tickets, complaints and subpoenas, and investigate suspected crimes and enforce Alabama laws in any county in the state. The Office also is charged with enforcing the licensing and registration of motor vehicles, as well as violations of Titles 32 and 40 of the Code of Alabama.

Transportation Enforcement Contact List

Special Agent/Chief : D. Corey Maske Phone: (334) 242-6371