Online Public Involvement: US-82 Access Management

Online Public Involvement: US-82 Access Management

Project Overview

Location: Various (Tuscaloosa and Bibb County)

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is developing an access management plan along the AL-6 (US-82) corridor that will preserve the functional integrity and capacity of the roadway, while reducing conflict points that degrade the roadway’s safety performance. Access management along the corridor will include the closure of median openings, restriction of turning movements, and construction of turn lanes.

The median openings are proposed to be closed for 1 of 3 reasons:
1. The median opening does not directly serve a driveway on either side of AL-6 (US-82).
2. The median opening is too closely spaced to an adjacent median opening and does not meet ALDOT’s minimum spacing requirements.
3. The median opening is in a horizontal or vertical curve and have poor sight distance.

At every location along the study corridor where a median opening remains, left turn lanes are proposed to be constructed, if they are not already existing. Turn lanes are especially important on US-82 because of the high vehicular speeds. Vehicles turning left would be able to decelerate in the turn lane, instead of the high speed through lane, which would decrease the likelihood of high-speed rear end crashes.

Another proposed improvement is the restriction of turning movements. This helps to reduce the number of conflict points, which reduces the likelihood of a crash, as previously mentioned.

One of the more significant improvements proposed along the study corridor is at the intersection of AL-6 (US-82) and Bradley Road. This intersection had the highest number of crashes along the corridor. Side-impact crashes (such as angle and “T-bone” crashes) were the most frequent of the crash types here, and those crashes have a higher propensity for fatal or serious injuries, especially along higher-speed corridors like AL-6 (US-82). Several of the crashes at this intersection were most likely the result of poor sight distance. If a vehicle is in the median opening trying to turn into or cross over the eastbound lanes, there is inadequate sight distance looking west. Due to the inadequate sight distance and crash history at this intersection, a complete closure of the median opening is proposed.

In summary, three (3) new median openings are proposed for the corridor and of the 94 existing median openings:
a. 47 are proposed to be closed/removed.
b. 4 are proposed to be modified with restricted turning movements.
c. 2 are proposed to have their location slightly adjusted.
d. 41 are to remain unchanged.

The purpose of this online public involvement is to inform the public of the design features for the project. ALDOT is interested in obtaining input from the people who use this route.
All comments regarding this project must be submitted on or before Thursday, February 8, 2024.

Project Presentation Video

Online: Comment Form
Phone: (205) 462-2389 to leave comments (Limit 3 minutes)
Postal Mail (See Comment Form in Downloads)

Mail comments to:
ALDOT Central Region Office
Attn: Environmental Coordinator
204 Marina Drive - Suite 100
Tuscaloosa, AL 34506

Questions can be directed to:
Ms. Adriana Dunn
West Central Region Pre-Construction Engineer
Alabama Department of Transportation
(205) 562-3106

Posted on: 01/09/2024