Local Public Agency (LPA) Projects Archives

County Project ID Prioject Description
Baldwin 100061656 Resurfacing, complete streets, shared use paths, pedestrian bridge and sidewalks in the City of Foley
Baldwin 100061692 Construction of 13 miles of shared use paths and sidewalks in the City of Foley
Baldwin 100063680 Construction of Connector Road in Foley from SR-59 to Pine St
Baldwin 100065308 Intersection Improvements - Turning lane on SR-104 at Higbee Road
Baldwin 100065665 Construct sidewalk on Gayfer Road Extension (CR-30) from Bishop Road to Meadowbrook Drive
Barbour 100063738 Improvements to various streets in the City of Eufaula
Barbour 100064596 Industrial Access Road improvements on Arch Drive and Dale Road to benefit Carbo Ceramics in the City of Eufaula
Chilton 100063596 Widening and resurfacing of SR-22 from approximately 910' South of CR-310 to 760' North of CR-310, along with Intersection Improvements at SR-22 and CR-310, and the reconstruction of CR-310 from SR-22 for 1000' to benefit West Fraser Mill
Clark 100065148 Right turn lane and acceleration lane on SR-13(US-43) at iSpice Foods Facility
Coffee 100062437 IA Road IMP on Industrial Blvd in Elba Industrial Park to benefit Southern Trailer Works, Dorsey Trailer, Pope Tent, Hickman Moving Co, and Elba Industrial Park, City of Elba
Covington 100063311 IAR Improvements on Douglas Street to benefit Georgia Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing, LLC. City of Opp
Covington 100065710 Resurfacing various streets in the City of Andalusia
Cullman 100063681 Resurface School House Road from SR-69 to Summit Road
Etowah 100061469 Resurfacing of Pandenreich Avenue, Forrest Avenue and 9th Street in the City of Gadsden
Franklin 100063561 Improvements to Lawrence Street in the City of Russellville from SR-13 (US-43) to the intersection of the Industrial Access Project for innovative Hearth products
Geneva 100063387 Resurfacing various roads in the City of Samson, Geneva County
Geneva 100063593 IAR Improvements on SR-52 and South Jordan St. to benefit Project MANDM-BROOKS Peanut Company in the City of Samson
Hale 100058295 Moundville Parkway from CR-21 (Market Street) to Mound Parkway in the City of Moundville
Jefferson 100039856 Railroad Reservation Phase 1 Engineering 1st Avenue South from 14th Street to 18th Street
Jefferson 100056474 Gateway Improvements on I-20/59 from 31st Street North to Messer Airport Highway
Jefferson 100063446 Improvements on various city streets in the City of Birmingham
Limestone 100065390 Emergency repairs to replace failed arch pipe with double barrel 10x8 Culvert on Shaw Road (CR-25) located approximately 4,000' North of Nuclear Plant Road. FHWA Disaster #AL 16-1 (Report #Limestone-1).
Mobile 100054353 Landscaping, Pedestrian lighting and signs along SR-13 (US- 43) in the City of Satsuma
Mobile 100063100 Construct offset left turn lanes and a West bound right turn on SR-42 (US-98) at the intersection of McCrary Road (CR-27)
Mobile 100063468 Resurfacing Bienville Boulevard from Three Way Stop to Billy Goat Hole (Ferry Dock) in the Town of Dauphin Island
Mobile 100064999 Additional lanes on Schillinger Road South (CR-31) from Three Notch Road (CR-32) to approximately 0.2 miles South of Halls Mill Creek
Pike 100064598 Extend Magnolia Boulevard. In the existing North Industrial Park to the proposed food processing facility to benefit Magnolia Vegatable Processors LLC., in the City of Brundidge
St. Clair 100063619 Widen and resurface various streets in the Town of Ragland
Sumpter 100064576 Access Road Improvements on Jackson Steet and Kentucky Avenue to benefit Southwest Paper Sales (Operating as K AND Z, LLC) in the City of York