ALDOT Standard and Special Drawings - Erosion Control

2018 ALDOT Standard and Special Drawings for Highway Construction - Erosion Control

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Drawing No. Description Index No.
ESC-100-1 Best Management Practice Reference Matrix 1160
ESC-100-2 Best Management Practice Reference Matrix 1160-A
ESC-200-1 Typical Temporary Erosion/Sediment Control Applications 1161
ESC-200-2 Details of Temporary Slope Drain, Berms and Energy Dissipator 1161-A
ESC-200-3 Details of Sediment Barrier Applications 1161-B
ESC-200-4 Details of Silt Fence Installation 1161-C
ESC-200-5 Details of Sediment Retention Barrier 1161-D
ESC-300-1 Ditch Check Structures, Typical Applications and Details 1162
ESC-300-2 Details of Hay Bale Ditch Checks 1162-A
ESC-300-3 Details of Sandbag Ditch Check 1162-B
ESC-300-4 Details of Erosion Control Wattle Ditch Check 1162-C
ESC-300-5 Details of Silt Dike Ditch Check 1162-D
ESC-300-6 Details of Rock Ditch Check 1162-E
ESC-300-7 Details of Rock Ditch Check with Sump Excavation 1162-F
ESC-300-8 Details of Silt Fence Ditch Check 1162-G
ESC-400-1 Inlet Protection Typical Applications and Details 1163
ESC-400-2 Inlet Protection Details for Coarse Aggregate on Grades & Sags 1163-A
ESC-400-3 Inlet Protection Details of Wattles 1163-B
ESC-400-4 Inlet Protection Details of Silt Fence 1163-C
ESC-400-5 Inlet Protection Details of Sand Bag 1163-D
ESC-501 Floating Basin Boom 1164
ESC-502 Stabilized Construction Entrance 1165
ESC-503 Temporary Dewatering Structures 1166
ESC-504 Temporary Culvert Stream Crossing 1167
ESC-505 Temporary Stream Diversion 1168
ESC-506-1 Suspended Pipe Diversion (Downstream) 1169
ESC-506-2 Suspended Pipe Diversion (Upstream) 1169-A
ESC-507 Temporary Sedimentation Basin 1170
ESC-508 Flocculant Usage Guide 1171
ESC-509 Details of Rolled and Hydraulic Erosion Control Product Installation 1172