Kelly Brendle
Chief Financial Officer
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36130-3050
Phone: (334) 242-6379
Fax: (334) 832-9022

It is the responsibility of the Bureau of Finance & Audits to provide financial management for the State of Alabama Department of Transportation.  In order to do this, the Bureau of Finance & Audits maintains a fully integrated, modern, and accurate computerized system of general, budgetary and cost accounting and coordinates the preparation of an annual budget request to be presented to the Governor and the legislature.

Central Office P101

Sabrina Kelley Administration (334) 242-6360 Finance Office Administrative Coordinator
Shay Conway Administration (334) 242-6469 Bureau Personnel Coordinator
Leigh Richards Administration (334) 242-6104 Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance and Audits
Schenese Wade Assistant Director of Finance & Audits (334) 242-6365 Fiscal and Financial Operations
Candace Moore Fiscal Management (334) 242-6366 Processes all payment invoices, material receipts, professional service purchase orders, consultant contract approval, retainage and escrow for consultant contracts
Arcola Jackson Federal Project Management (334) 242-6578 Project budget modifications, federal billing and project closeout
Tammy Dunn Assistant Director of Finance & Audits (334) 242-6081 General Accounting Operations
Mark Vansandt Cost Accounting & Systems (334) 242-6390 Pre-audits documents, calculates rates, accounting distribution, equipment processing, fuel keys and processing, system problems
Scottie Hatcher Payroll (334) 242-6384 Leave records, insurance, direct deposit, tax changes, W-2's, address changes
Ruth Hendon Area Accountants (256) 389-1418 On-site support for accounting documents, material inventories, various accounting systems

Gunter Park Annex

Jeff Hornsby Assistant Director of Finance & Audits (334) 244-6241 Internal & External Audit operations and Area Accountants
John Whiteside External Audits (334) 244-6246 Audits work performed outside of ALDOT, and initiated by other than the normal bid process
Tonsia Wallace Internal Audits (334) 244-6227 Examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of ALDOT's internal controls and the quality of its employee performance