Online Public Involvement for HSIP-0220(250)
Intersection Realignments US-31/Old Hwy 31

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Project Overview

Location: Spanish Fort (Baldwin)

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The project is in central Baldwin County, on the east side of Spanish Fort at the intersection of Old Highway 31(CR-31) and US-31(SR-3). It includes the section of Old Highway 31(CR-31) from Pinyon Drive to US-31(SR-3) and property between Old Highway 31(CR-31) and US-31(SR-3).
The purpose of this project is to address safety concerns caused by the sharp angle of the existing intersection of US-31 and Old Highway 31. This will be done by extending Pinyon Drive northward to US-31 and removing the existing intersection.
Acquisition of additional right-of-way should start Spring of 2021.
Construction of this project is scheduled to begin Fall 2021.

ALDOT is conducting online public involvement for the proposed project. All comments regarding this project must be received on or before April 28, 2021.
The Comment period for this project has closed.

Questions can be directed to:
Jerome Reddick
ALDOT, Southwest Region