ALDOT Office of Transportation Enforcement

In January of 2014, ALDOT established its Office of Transportation Enforcement. Charged with the enforcement of Alabama’s gasoline tax and taxes on motor fuels under the authority of the Alabama Fuel Excise Tax Act (Act 2011-565), the Office of Transportation Enforcement is recognized as an official criminal justice agency by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s CJIS Division and employs law enforcement officers certified by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission.

The ALDOT Office of Transportation Enforcement is charged with enforcing transportation, public safety and revenue offenses and work with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify, verify and analyze the bulk transportation of hazardous materials through the state. ALDOT’s sworn officers have extensive state, local and federal law enforcement and regulatory experience, and are authorized to issue citations, tickets, complaints and subpoenas, and investigate suspected crimes and enforce Alabama laws in any county in the state. The Office also is charged with enforcing the licensing and registration of motor vehicles, as well as violations of Titles 32 and 40 of the Code of Alabama.

Contact: ALDOT Office of Transportation Enforcement
Phone -334-242-6371