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What is
ALDOT’s Role in Alabama Aviation?

ALDOT serves as Alabama’s state aviation regulator and by authority of the Code of Alabama Act 2000-220, the Department has general supervision over all phases of aeronautics within the State.

ALDOT’s Aeronautics Bureau focuses on three broad programmatic areas: (1) airport system planning and development; (2) Promoting airport safety and security; and (3) inspecting and licensing airports and heliports to ensure that they meet certain minimum standards of safety and design. ALDOT serves the aviation community and the general public by assuring that aviation fuel taxes and other supplemental revenues are spent on projects that will preserve and improve Alabama’s air transportation system. Ensuring the long-term viability and safety of Alabama’s airport system is considered essential for the state’s economic growth.

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For questions pertaining to Airports and Heliports contact the Aeronautics Bureau at 334.242.6820.