General Sign Detail Library

This page has pre-drawn details that can be inserted into individual projects as required. It is the responsibility of the engineer using these details to ensure that the detail is accurate for a specific project. These details are not drawn to scale and are not Standard Drawings. Details in this library have been approved for use in developing Signing plans.

General Sign Details are for guidance of engineers, technicians, consultants, and inspection personnel engaged in Signing plan preparation for ALDOT. They are prepared to encourage uniform application of designs and standard details in accordance with the MUTCD and the latest ALDOT policies.

Revisions or additions to these details shall be issued periodically. These details are the latest ALDOT available editions.

Instructions: Click on the drawing link. Save file. Open saved file with Microstation in high security mode. When password dialog appears, leave password field blank and select ok. The file will open with "read & print access only."

Description Files Drawing Date
General Signing Plan Notes
(Index No. 1000)
Details Showing Application Of Median Opening Signing and Striping 01/14/2013
Standard Details For Ground Mounted Signs 01/10/2013
Typical Placement For Cantilever Sign Bridges and Butterfly Mounted Overhead Signs 09/19/2019
Typical Placement Of Overhead Sign Bridge On Roadway 01/10/2013
Details For Mounting Signs On Barriers 01/14/2013

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