Local Transportation Memorandums

LTBMemo 2018-1 Correspondence
Memo 2018-2 Allocation of FY2018 Federal Aid Funds
Memo 2018-3 LTB Organization
Memo 2018-4 MPO_RPO UPWP_WP Semi Annual Reports_Budgets
Memo 2018-5 Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Program
Memo 2018-6 Submittal of FHWA Bridge Inventory File
Memo 2018-7 Updating Info County Rd Maintenance Database
Memo 2018-8 CUBE Training 2018
Memo 2018-9 Federal Aid Fund Obligation Deadline_Carry Over Requests
Memo 2018-10 Long Range Transportation Plans
Memo 2018-11 LTB Organization.pdf
Memo 2018-12 FY2019 Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Program
Memo 2018-13 2018 Bridge Inspection_Maintenance Training Schedule
Memo 2018-14 2018 Bridge Inspection_Maintenance Training Schedule
Memo 2018-15 Availability of Hwy Safety Funds FY2019 HRRR
Memo 2018-16 FY2019 Planning Funds and UPWP
Memo 2018-17 Transfer of FY2016 ADTAP Funds
Memo 2018-18 Performance Measures Agreement and Document Revision
Memo 2018-19 Bridge Preservation Training for Local Agenices
Memo 2018-20 Revision to Procedural Guidelines
Memo 2018-21 FY2019 HRRR Program Call for Applications
Memo 2018-22 Revised Performance Measures Agreement and TIP Resolution
Memo 2018-23 FY2019 SPR Funds and WP
Memo 2018-24 Transfer of FY2017 ADTAP Funds
Memo 2018-25 Salary Scale for County Engineers and Asst County Engineers
Memo 2018-26 Appropriations Act Project Funds
Memo 2018-27 Bridge Posting Recertification
Memo 2018-28 Bridge Posting Recertification
Memo 2018-29 Blue Book Equipment Rates for FHWA Force Account Projects
Memo 2018-30 Project Resolutions
Memo 2018-31 Annual Report